Issues with National Register resolved

Issue resolved at 10:20

Information flow from National Register was disturbed, impacting eHealth value added applications retrieving identity information from National Register (INSISTO, PARIS, Vitalink…).

More information on webservices consulting the National Register:



eHealth Core & value added services restored

eHealth core & value added services are currently disturbed & under investigation. The Business Continuity Procedure (BCP) for assurability is now active.

UPDATE: HPE (Hewlett Packard Enterprise) 3Par SAN latency & time-out issues in one of our datacenters. Workloads have been shifted to other datacenter. Normal service operations have been restored at 11:50.


Synchronous services unavailable for patients insured by Mutualités Libres / Onafhankelijke Ziekenfondsen

Synchronous message flows have been unavailable on 9-10 september for patients insured by ‘insurer 500’ (Mutualités Libres / Onafhankelijke Ziekenfondsen). The eHealth services Tarification, Chapter IV and Globaal Medisch Dossier / Dossier Médical Global, could not retrieve or refresh data for these patients.

UPDATE: Normal message flows have been restored for most applications, with some occasional issues remaining for E-Tarif.

Issues on eHealth Value Added Services

Technical issues were reported and under investigation concerning the eHealth value added services (ex. BELRAI, CIVARS, CIVICS, EMSR, INSISTO, PARIS, REFERENCEDATA, RETAM, SAA, SANAC, SIPAR, SMUREG, VITALINK…). The services have gradually been restored.

Impact of the incident on eHealth services

Users of the eHealth value added services may have experienced service interruptions. Normal service operations were restored at 16:25h.

All basic services of the eHealth platform remained available during the incident.