RECIPE - Server Issue Solved

UPDATE 12:30h:

Er worden stabiliteitsproblemen vastgesteld met de server van Recip-e.

Nous avons détecté des problèmes de stabilités avec le serveur de Recip-e.

UPDATE 15:20h:

De problemen met de Recip-e diensten worden veroorzaakt door een hostingprobleem bij Proximus. Wij houden u zo snel mogelijk op de hoogte met meer informatie.

Les problèmes liés aux services de Recip-e sont dus à un problème d'hébergement chez Proximus. Nous vous tenons au courant avec plus d’information au plus vite. 

Issues with Recip-e Solved

UPDATE 12:14:  The issues with Recip-e services are being caused by a hosting issue at Proximus. Their teams are working towards a solution.

Our partner confirms that there are issues with Recip-e Prescriber and Executor. They are currently working on a solution.


Instability issues with eHealth services Solved

UPDATE 11:45: Normal services operations are gradually being resumed. However, instability and capacity issues could still occur.

UPDATE 11:04: The BCP is currently active for Insurability and Recip-e. We continue to work towards a solution for all services.

UPDATE 10:10: the BCP is active for insurability. There are still issues with Recip-e. Our teams are working on it. 

Instability issues with eHealth services are currently being investigated. Users may experience issues with Recip-e and other applications. Updates will follow on this page.

Issues with eHealth services Solved


The issues have been solved since 8:57. 

It is currently not possible to obtain tokens to access several eHealth services. Our teams are working on a solution.

Issues with multiple eHealth services are currently being investigated. Updates with more information will follow on this page. The BCP is active since 8:15.



MyCareNet - IO 600 - Service Disruption Solved

Environment : Production
Services(s) impacted :

Chapter IV Ask : Medium
Chapter IV Consultation : High (unavailable)
eAttest : Low
Insurability Generic : Low
Insurability Pharmacist : Low
Insurability Legacy (Sync) : Low
GMF (Sync) : High (unavailable)
Tarification : High (unavailable)
Invoicing (Async) : Low
Admission Management (Async) : Low
GMF (Async) : Low
Insurability Legacy (Async) : Low
MedAdmin (Async) : Low

Sector(s) impacted :

  • ambulance-service
  • bandagist
  • chiropodist
  • dentist
  • dietician
  • guard-post
  • hospital
  • laboratory
  • logopedist
  • medical-house
  • mental-home
  • midwife
  • nurse
  • optician
  • orthopedist
  • pharmacist
  • physician
  • physiotherapist
  • retirement

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